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Embark on a journey
of discovery to writing
your life story

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About Me

For more than 35 years my teaching career has provided me with a multitude of rich and rewarding experiences. From embarking on my path in California in the late 1980s, teaching English to students from diverse backgrounds and countries, to currently serving on the faculty of the City University of New York, Kingsborough Community College, my lifetime of teaching awarded me the privilege to express my passion and my life work. I hold a doctorate from New York University in applied linguistics and English education. I have published in academic journals and continue to write professionally and contribute to scholarship and research.


My professional work has metamorphosed into personal growth, evolution and transformation. Toward that end, I am creating new pathways utilizing my honed teaching practice to offer new and dynamic learning experiences. I am a co-author with NYTimes best-selling authors Chis Attwood and Janet Attwood, leaders in the human transformational field.

Awakening the Amazing in You: How to Thrive in the Midst of Crisis.  My chapter contribution is

“Using  ‘Cinematic Memories’ to release trauma and re-envision your life story.”  I am excited to offer a new course based on my chapter.



Writing Cinematic Memories to Release Trauma and Write Your life Story

What are cinematic memories? How do they affect us and how do we work with them? These are recurring memories, that act like "movies in the mind" often emerging from experiences of trauma. But working with them can be a powerful way to not only release but transform  painful memories into joyful and fulfilling creativity. Explore how...

Transformational Writers Club- Free Membership

Would you like to join a club that is on a path toward transformation? Would you like to connect with others who are also writing, creating artistic expression and experiencing liberation in the process? Learn more about this unique opportunity...

Private mentoring writing sessions

Experience a  private consultation in which we explore your deep desires for creating your chosen project or for working on your writing in a supportive atmosphere.


Contact Me


P: 7187267292

Thank you!

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All I can say is liberation, finally!  For at least a decade. I grappled with so much angst to write a memoir . Frustrated, I turned to several writing coaches but still could not get out my story. MaryLynn’s cinematic memory technique broke through many barriers I had.
She is that one person who has enabled me to go deeply and uncover all that I want to say. I learned that I have more than one book in me. But now, instead of overwhelm, I have a structured plan, a pathway, and a working vision.


-D. Karjiian

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